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Beer Pong Rules

Beer Pong Rules

Two teams of two players will take turns throwing a ping pong ball into the opposite team’s cups. Once a ball lands in a cup, that cup is removed. The team that clears all their cups first wins

6 cups are arranged on each side and should be at least half filled with liquid.

Eye for Eye: To start the game players on opposite teams must say the phrase “Eye for Eye” while making eye contact then shoot simultaneously. This repeats until someone makes a cup and that player’s team gets to go first.

Shooting: Player’s elbows must stay behind the table

Bounce shots: If the ball bounces on the table or off another cup, an additional cup is removed for each bounce. However, opponents have the opportunity to swat away a bounced shot to prevent it from going into a cup. The last cup cannot be cleared as a bonus cup

Defense: Players can attempt to blow or scoop out a ball spinning around the rim of a cup. If the ball makes contact with the liquid the cup counts.

Balls Back: If both members of a team make a cup on their turn, they get to shoot again.

Roll Back: If a ball rolls back to the shooting team and is retrieved before it touches the ground, that shooter shoots again either with their non-dominant hand or behind the back. A roll back shot does not count towards Balls Back or On Fire

On FIre: If a player has made 2 consecutive cups, they can declare their next shot is “for fire”. If they make their third cup in a row, they will get to continually shoot until they miss

Island: Once per game, each player can call “Island” and point to an isolated cup. If the player makes the cup an additional cup is removed

Re-racks: At the beginning of a team’s turn they may request a re-rack. This may occur once when they have 3-5 cups remaining, then additionally for 2 cups (gentleman’s re-rack). Players can request the last cup to be set back centered and for the cup structure to be fixed if they’ve been moved; neither of these count as re-racks.

Knocking over cups: If the ball was on the inside of the cup before it fell over or off the table, the cup is removed. However if the ball only hits the outside of the cup, the cup must be refilled and stays.

Substitutions: Teams can substitute players freely during a game

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