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Velocity Bar Games Rules

Velocity Bar Games Rules

At Velocity Bar Games, we strive to facilitate safe, competitive, fun games so the following rules are always applied:

Age Requirement: Players must be 21 or older to participate

Drinking: Players are never obligated to drink anything they don’t want to. In fact, all games can be played with non-alcoholic drinks or no drinks at all if the player chooses. We do implore players to please drink responsibly.

Substitute Players: If a team has less than the minimum required players, they may invite a substitute player to join the team for that match. Substitutes may not play if the minimum required player count is met.

Forfeit/Cancellation: A team without the minimum number of players will forfeit the match. As a courtesy to the other team, if you know ahead of time you will be forfeiting a team please email us so we can let them know.

Sportsmanship: Verbal abuse towards the other players, referees or venue staff will not be tolerated. Velocity Bar Games reserves the right to remove a player who violates our rules from a game and from the league.

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